Rede von Edith Schütt in Namibia 2017

PRACTICAL SOLIDARITY is happy and proud to see so many guests,



We are a social Non Governmental Organisation, founded in Germany in September 1985. We fought with the Namibian people against apartheid and for Independence together with SWAPO and Namibians in Exile. After Independence we sent 15 Container with goods from Bremen in Northem Germany to Namibia and distributed them ourselves around the country. This were equipment for hospitals, whee1chairs for handicapped people, blackboards and fumiture for schools, handcarts for taking water at horne or goods to the market, or the children to school. We realised a number of projects in the country. One is .Jnvest in people's future". We supported several families to send their children to school. Three are now students at the university; one is in a higher position in the administration. In the eastem part existed a district without any car and without any phone. So here have been no help in case of an accident or illness. We gave the equipment to build a clinic, and since more than twenty years the govemment sends a nurse to look after the children and ill persons. We constructed solar stoves together with local carpenters, and this business went on for 18 years, so that the people don't have to cut the trees for cooking their meals.

And so on. The members of PSI are volunteers.


We saw the alarming effects of climate change and the extension of the desert. And we saw the people in the north living and working on arid soil. So we founded the project "Soil improvement in the Northern Namibia" and we brought the EM-Technology. That gives the people security against hunger, the possibility to eam some money and lead a healthy and productive live in future. I am the mother of this project. Together with my best comrade Joachim Stier. He is a volunteer at the project in Kaisosi, and with our Simon Frai who has his hands, his brain and his heart in the project all the time.


What is EM- Technology? EM means “Effectivc Microorganism”.

Microorganisms are everywhere -in your body, on the things around, in the air and in the soil. Nobody can see them with the bare eyes. They are very very small. And there are millions, and millions and millions of them. There are a lot of bad ones, which bring illness, degeneration and bad health. EM is a way to bring happiness and health through good and effective microorganisms.


The Japanese Professor Teruo Higa found after years and years the solution: A mix of 80 special Microorganisms is able to neutralise the bad ones and have a positive impact on many of the wrong situations in the world. This mixture is EM. And we have it in our hands. And so we can bring it in the sandy soil and get bigger and stronger plants, better harvest, health for the nature, the people and the cattle and money for the future.


We have one litre with sleeping microorganisms. We activate them with Molasses and water to 30 litre EM activated - EMa -. We put a cup of EMa into the watering can, and the plants become bigger, strong and without nematodes or other locusts.


And we make Bokashi. That means all kinds of biomass are mixed with EMa, fermented for two weeks and brought in the soil. Prof. Higa says: EM will turn the whole world around, when a lot of people are working with EM.


We also saw trees disappearing because of the struggle for independence and realized the necessity of afforestation. We gave our 33 beneficiaries until now 99 Moringa trees, 66 mango- and guava trees. Joachim and Simon prepared another 80 Moringas to bring them to the beneficiaries. The women learned to plant several kinds of vegetables and tomatoes, so that they have no more the monoculture of omahangu, and they can earn some money at the market.


The Moringa trees are wonder trees, used since 4000 years against weakness and severe illnesses. And we have it also here in our hands.


From the Moringa trees comes a healthy tee, powder to bring into the drink or the lunch, capsules for a better nutrition, and the seeds give a wonderful, healthy and expensive oil, which brings good money for the beneficiaries.


We all together see the beginning of success, and this project shall be extended to cover bigger and bigger areas of the country and include more people.


I am forever your Kuku Edith. Thank you.